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We are advocates and volunteers that work to improve public and private social service systems and providers through policy and legislative change. Read more about what we do.

Our Priorities for 2020 and 2021

  • We work and will continue to work in coalition with other organizations to persuade the United States of America to become a party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child since the U.S. is the only UN member state to not be a party to the Convention
  • We have worked directly with Rhode Island legislators to enact legislation that stops the practice of sending children in care to facilities in states or territories other than where they have family and will continue to do so
  • We have worked directly with legislators and will continue to work with them to create a Joint Oversight Commission on the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families through legislative passage and executive approval
  • Through the legislative process and working with the judiciary and other community stakeholders in Rhode Island, we will work to enhance existing Children’s Bills of Rights and create Bills of Rights in jurisdictions where they do not yet exist

    Much of our work was interrupted during 2020 because of the coronavirus. We will continue to do our best to raise the issues in 2021 and will provide reports on our progress as they happen.


Free Memorial Edition of Dreading and Hoping All

Nicholas Alahverdian, Dreading and Hoping All New: Read the Memorial Edition of Dreading and Hoping All by Mr. Alahverdian for free, courtesy of the Internet Archive and The NA Trust. The original book remains available on the Apple Bookstore.

To learn more about what Mr. Alahverdian suffered in DCYF care in Rhode Island before his exile to Nebraska and Florida read the lawsuit filed in federal court.

Highlights from the Archive

Dreading and Hoping All on the Internet Archive (free e-book published in 2019)

News archive on Mr. Alahverdian with articles from 2002-2020

Mr. Alahverdian’s April 2017 Providence Journal op-ed on DCYF “DCYF workers need help to protect children

September 2012 Press Conference with Reps. Doreen Costa and Michael Chippendale

“Out of State and Out of Mind” by Bob Kerr, The Providence Journal – February 27, 2011

Remembering Mr. Alahverdian

Memorials and condolences 

House of Representatives Resolution Offering Condolences on the Passing of Mr. Alahverdian

Associated Press report on the death of Mr. Alahverdian

Final interview with Mr. Alahverdian prior to his death given to Wpro Radio