The Nicholas Alahverdian Center

Mission Statement: The Nicholas Alahverdian Center is dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents in care around the world through legislative advocacy, community participation, and fighting for every child to have a permanent and safe home.

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Nicholas Alahverdian

We accomplish our mission by ensuring that laws guarantee the right to a safe home or living environment, public education, extra-curricular activities, and college preparation. It is our belief that productive citizenship starts in the classroom, and every child should ideally spend ages 5-17 in that environment.


Free Memorial Edition of
Dreading and Hoping All

New: Read the Memorial Edition of Dreading and Hoping All by Nicholas Alahverdian for free, courtesy of the Internet Archive and The Nicholas Alahverdian Center. The original book remains available on the Apple Bookstore.

To learn more about what Mr. Alahverdian suffered in DCYF care in Rhode Island before being exiled to Nebraska and Florida, read the lawsuit filed in federal court, written by the Plaintiff himself.